Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spiritual Massages

Full body massage with spiritually blessed oils. These oils have been spiritually charged to provide healing effects and rejuvenation to the body.


$10 for 15 minutes
$19 for 30 minutes
$28 for 45 minutes
$37 for 60 minutes

Providing spiritual massage service in Brooklyn. Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Jersey city. There is an additional $10 transportation fee if service is provide outside of Manhattan.

For appointment call: 201-779-9697
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Spiritual books & angelic seals


Spiritual oil used for spiritual massages. When used to massage the body it has healing and rejuvenating effect as well as neutralizes bad spells against the body. It also protects the body while at the same time cleansing the body to attract good blessing to the individual. You may use this oil for yourself, your children or for anyone

Outside the bottle of the oil are holy names divine and a special ingredient has been added to the oil to charge and spiritualize the oil.

The spiritual oil is $30 free shipping and handling

Order spiritual oil used for spiritual massages